Asian Allelopathy Society
   The ASIAN ALLELOPATHY SOCIETY is organized for scientific purposes, specifically to promote the cooperation and collaboration in the field of allelopathy between Asian scientists and those from the other parts of the world. The AAS will closely work with the International Allelopathy Society to promote the development of the science of allelopathy in Asia.
   Allelopathy refers any process involving secondary metabolites produced by plants, algae, bacteria, and fungi that influence the growth and development of agricultural and biological systems. Research areas include the study of the biological functions of secondary metabolites, their significance in biological control of growth either individually or synergistically, their importance at all levels of biological organization, their evolutionary origin, and their application. Allelopathy includes plant-plant, plant-microorganisms, plant-virus, plant-insects, and plant-soil-plant chemical interactions.  
   Asia is the largest developing region in the world. Allelopathy is a current area of research in many laboratories in the Asian countries. Many scientists are directly or indirectly engaged in this pursuit. Many Asian countries have the same or similar plant species and problems of weeds and invasive species. To date there is no organization in Asia that promotes the exchange of ideas, and improves scientific knowledge of allelopathy and related activities; hence, there is an urgent need to form the ASIAN.
The Second International Conference of Asian Allelopathy Society Allelopathy: A Multi-faceted Process

December 14 - 18, 2012 

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A Big Step to Push Allelopathy Research in Asian
The First International Conference of Asian Allelopathy Society    

The First International Conference of Asian Allelopathy Society was held in Guangzhou, China during December 18 to 22, 2009. There were 225 participants from 15 countries in Asia and around the world including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Spanish, Thailand, Tunisia, the United States, and China. see more details...
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